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Tyler Durden: Where'd you go, psycho boy?
Narrator: I felt like destroying something beautiful.

nah I'm 20. love to nap and eat and read. and I have a soft spot for the pursuit of knowledge.

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Love at first touch.

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the worst part about being a Canadian child was colouring in Nunavut


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The left palm is rough. The right palm is worn smooth and soft with the combination of friction and lotion.


I wish my wallet came with free refills

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I Need Help With My English Lab Report. What Energy Drink Do You Prefer? Survey →


who decided being gay wasn’t manly? gay sex is technically twice as manly, you are literally doubling the amount of men in it

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It was then that he carried you.

My mom might hate me. She’s tryna be serious and I’m here saying “we’re all children in the eyes of Obama”

Sometimes you’re just glancing around and you pass a booty and you gotta double take cuz *BUTT WAIT THERE’S MORE* its that kinda booty.

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